Important Pros & Cons Of Influencer Marketing On TikTok

TikTok is the modern big-time social media app today. Its popularity has been flying apart with the younger generation and millennials. By the research study, it shows that Gen X has shown interest in TikTok. You could spot lots and lots of brands and business marketer TikTok and run marketing campaigns successfully. Influencer marketing has played a significant role in their marketing strategy. Using this marketing, people can get emotionally attached. Usually, TikTok users have their own favorite influencer on this platform. They keep on engaged with their content and attract to their actions.

This article lets us see some pros and cons of influencer marketing compared with other social media platforms.

Advantage of Influencer Marketing on TikTok:

Competition Is Low

TikTok is a relatively new social media platform, so here you have less competition for user attention than other media. It has been around for a particular time when you see other platforms and messes up with plenty of different brand promotions. A new platform like TikTok, it’s effortless and easy to catch the eyesight of your target audience.

Have Higher Engagement Rate

Do you know?TikTok has a great engagement rate that surpassed popular platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. Usually, TikTok users like to interact and get engaged with what they spot on this platform. This is because the short-term and digestible content is captivating and sire to become viral on TikTok.

Less Polished Content 

Influencers can come up with less polished and more accurate, natural content, in fact, people also like this way, and they love authentic content. You can even gain more visibility with your unique content style. TikTok users do not prefer perfect presentations. 

More Products & Brands

On TikTok, you have more and more variety of brands and content. However, it has less competition under the same kind of brands.

Influencer Charge Less 

Influencer rates are lower on TikTok when compared with other media. TikTok brands have collaborated with famous influencers who have more reach and cost less per view than other media. 

Disadvantage  Of Influencer Marketing On TikTok 

Need Consistency & Creativity 

TikTok growth is endless and is continuing to grow rapidly. Every day you could see lots of new users, brands, products, influencers stepping into TikTok. So it’s a little bit challenging to make long-term sustainability. Therefore you can withstand your presence through your consistency and creativity.

Click To Purchase Feature Is Invisible

Although TikTok has a high engagement level of viewers and a good conversion rate, it doesn’t have a click to buy feature. Anyways, TikTok keeps on working and including new features to match other top platforms.

TikTok Is Famous Among Younger Generation

TikTok is more popular with youngsters with low purchasing power. But it’s still making some efforts to expand its popularity from gen-Z to millennials and beyond. Currently, you have more working professionals with enough buying powers, getting influenced by business, who are likely to work with influencers to make quality content.

Simple Tips For TikTok Marketing 

Make sure your brand uploads consistent content to your feed. The key to making your video viral is creative and consistent. It is not an influencer’s content but your brand participation on TikTok.Try to differentiate your brand with videos and background music.


TikTok is a new platform, so you can use influencer marketing to assist you in receiving the most out of your influencer campaign. Since plenty of influencer marketing on other media has not got better results. If you’re planning to start influencer marketing, picking the right influencer in your niche is essential.

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