How To Up Your Instagram Game In 2021

Instagram has the potential to be a valuable tool for you as well as your business. If you’re a personal brand, you can use Instagram to grow your digital presence plus establish a more personal connection with your audience. You may use social media to promote your products, engage with consumers, and acquire new ones as a company. If you have a side hustle, Instagram is a time-efficient way to reach a large audience.

With that stated, let’s look at some methods to become prominent on Instagram in 2021.

Set Up A Business Account

A business profile is an easy way to boost your Instagram presence and boost credibility to your page. All that is required for a business page is an Instagram fan page. Your Instagram username and the title of the page do not have to be identical!

The most significant benefit of a business account is access to Instagram analytics. This part of your profile gathers information from the followers and provides you with essential and valuable information. For instance, IG insights display follower growth, the times of day when the followers would be most active, and demographic information about your followers.

Insights enable you to track the direct outcomes of any marketing activities you make on Instagram. As a company owner or side hustler, the most valuable aspect of Instagram’s insights, is the opportunity to view your Key Performance Indicators. A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric that you track inside your company to determine your success and accomplishments. For instance, if you have podcasts, you may include a link to them in your Instagram profile at the end of the podcast. Instagram’s insights feature will show you the number of people who clicked the link that you added beneath the podcast inside each photo you’ve uploaded.

Several research studies report that almost every individual on Instagram follows a business account, which signals that Instagram is a powerful tool to reach a larger target audience. Along with creating and posting content to your feed, you could opt to buy Instagram likes monthly to make more people share, save and comment on your posts. 

Enhance the appearance of your profile

Though this may seem self-evident, many Instagram users have an imperfect profile. In the end, these people are hurting themselves. Before people follow you, they need to understand at a glance who you are and what you’re doing. A sleek profile contains the following:

Clear & High-Quality Profile Photo

This implies that the photograph should include your face, the main product, or the logo for your brand. It should NOT be something unrelated to your company, a group shot, or a photograph of your pet or child.

A Bio That Defines Yourself

Instagram’s bio section allows you to connect with existing and prospective new followers about what exactly you do and who you are in 150 characters. Bios can be split into bullet points using emojis to keep things short and straightforward or a brief paragraph. Finally, here is your chance to convince others to follow you.


Including a link to your website in your profile is a simple method to send your Instagram followers to your business website or any other URL you choose. This might be a YouTube video, a podcast, or an online store selling your products. Adding your website is straightforward and provides an opportunity for visitors to learn more.

Produce exceptional content

A great Instagram presence is built on quality content. The platform is based on the exchange of images and videos. As a consequence, it is crucial that you develop methods for producing good content. This may sound intimidating, but all you need to get started are well-lit and sharp photos.

Once you’re familiar with Instagram and its fundamentals, you can delve further into developing a more thorough content calendar and focusing on producing more original content. This entails applying filters to your photographs and being more imaginative in order to create content that stands out.

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